*NEW ENTRY* #ShakeThatBodyChallenge (From Holland) Sarafina


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Welcome to the #ShakeThatBody dance challenge. Join the competition by making your own dance routine to this song and uploading it on YouTube, hash-tagging #ShakeThatBodyChallenge! The song is out on ITunes and all digital download stores. Download here - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/shake-that-body-feat-rarity-music-single/id1215077858

Please feel free to create your own unique dance routines to this song. The best routine and dancers will feature in the Official Video! The winning routine will be used for the Official Video.

How to submit your video:
Upload your video on YouTube and MAKE SURE you write on the tittle #ShakeThatBodyChallenge From (Wherever you are posting from, your name or dance crew). For example, #ShakeThatBodyChallenge From London (BM, CeeCee Coco, Nicole Thea).

Please tag any short videos to:
Instagram: Artist_BM
Snapchat: BMPRO11
and ALWAYS remember to HASHTAG #ShakeThatBodyChallenge.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a lot of fun creating your own routines.

Follow the dancers (Instagram):

Follow BM (The Artist)
Instagram: Artist_BM
Facebook: BM.Artist
Twitter: @Artist_BM
Snapchat: BMPRO11

Follow Rarity Music (Instrumental players) Instagram: RarityMUK

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