How Samloco Efe Died


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The late Sam Loco Efe died apparently sitting on his seat in a hotel room of causes now suspected to be asthma. He was found dead on Sunday morning with ventolin inhalers beside him in the hotel room where he lodged. The room was forced open after he failed to come down after retiring the previous night. Contrary to reports that he was on location in Owerri, Imo State, Vanguard learnt, Monday, that he was actually in Owerri editing a yet untitled film produced by Bayelsa State born Favour Ogosi.

Former Vice President, Actors Guild of Nigeria (South -East) and a close confidant of the deceased, Mr Steve Eboh, told Vanguard the events that led to the actor’s death. He said: “On the night before his demise, he had, as usual, exchanged banter and jokes with friends and colleagues till about 11p.m. before retiring to his room. “But the next morning when he didn’t come down for breakfast, worried colleagues went knocking on his door. Of course, they knew he was inside. And when no response came, they called me. I then advised that the hotel contact the police. And when the room was eventually opened, the cold body of Sam was found on a seat in the room. “And on the table and the floor, the police were alleged to have found a cannister or two of ventolin inhalers.”
Unfulfilled Dream Efe died without fulfilling the dream of taking a deserved rest at his Abakaliki, Ebonyi State farm house.......From mr SYSTEM

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