How to dance Ndombolo (Congolese Makolongulu Dance) *TUTORIAL* with Ceecee Coco and Aurelie


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Download the song on ITunes and practice along with Ceecee and Aurelie. Song: BM - Makolongulu This is a series of tutorials on how to dance African dances. Episode 1 is 'How to dance Ndombolo'. Ndombolo is a Congolese dance style with many different dances. It mainly involves moving your waist and at the same time knowing how to move your legs. Ceecee and Aurelie teach the basics of Congolese Ndombolo to BM's song 'Makolongulu'. Follow Ceecee Coco Instagram: Official_ceecee_coco Aurelie instagram: Unknow_woman Follow BM Instagram: Artist_BM Facebook: BM.Artist Twitter: @Artist_BM Snapchat: BMPRO11

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