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A brand new project called "UNLESHED" that will be released everytime the beast needs to UNLESH. Showing my darker fiercer side with a surprising twist. #QUEENOFTHESCENEALBUM2017. Produced by Sky Beats. Harmonies by Sky Beats. Shot by Wowa Edited by Wowa, Lady Leshurr & Kaylum Dennis. Twitter - Snapchat - ItsLadyLeshurr Instagram - ***LYRICS*** Verse 1 Oi Bin a long time since I Unleshed We can't relate no you ain't my niece I buy my clothes with cash and you use deets I'm petty :) I'll download your CD just to delete Chief What do you know about me Please don't chat close that beak Leshas back it's so dam peak And I get shows in Mozambique Attention seeking gyal no kudos Move from me you likkle Judas I am the one now I set a Blueprint To show Brum we can actually do this So mind your mouth Cus I'll catch you at your wifeys house Creep in the crib where you're lying down And say "Oi you, shine my crown" I'm like boy move I'm the gyal I get nice, smooth, like Miguel I'm like a drive thru, I'm riding out Take shots I'll NICK the CANON I'm wilding out (Wild N Out) I'm like what Which lil madam wan' try me now I got bars Spit the baddest I'm rhyming foul I'm on top In my palace and I be proud My arms crossed...Simon Cowell I'll spin heads round like an owl And my money long long long like Eiffel Tower I get busy Pre Chorus Oh my oh me oh my Oh what have you done? I do not know your name so what have you done To go against the Queen you gotta be dumb Na what are you stupid? Na what are you dumb Na what are you dumb x2 Na what are you foolish? Na what are you dumbx2 Na what have you done? x3 Na what are you foolish Na what have you done? VERSE 2 They diss me in their tweets but do not talk when I see them That's why I do not pay no mind cus I don't believe them Too many snakes I feel like I'm in the garden of Eden You tried send them shots at me but I din't receive them You don't wanna draw me out cus that's curtains Yeah that's certain Bars cuts through your skin like I'm a surgeon Kill a man once a year like I'm purging Big online but you're shy in person I can't respect that Bars so hard they'll slap you in ya head back So far gone don't know if I'm a get back But nowadays I'm low feeling sad Cus I lost some friends that promised to always have my back They did me dirty I can't wash up the facts Some people change when they get a lil cash People forget themselves when you give them a helping hand My anxieties killing me, making my mind go mad I'm scared to go to the shop Cus people know who I am And I know some kids wanna do dumb things record it on cam So I lock myself away But I still feel trapped I'm a human being with a broken heart and a soul that's cracked I tried to take my life in my own flat.. A few months ago I got assaulted for being black So why would I want to live? Why would I want to stay? Sometimes I want to leave this place Cus no one knows how it is.

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